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7 happening Living room decoration ideas

Our lifestyle and persona reflect in our home and the living room is the first room you enter. So, it is elementary that after entering the houses when we step into the living room you get the impression whether this is a happy home or a gloomy one. To leave a right imprint on your guest and not only on your guest on you too you must decorate the place nicely where you live in. The living room represents your passion, enigma and welcoming nature through your décor ideas.

We all know that how important is the house ambience to keep ecstasy in mind. A well decorated, clutter-free living room creates a warm environment for the guest and the family members giving them a reason to be joyful and relaxed.

“Create a positive atmosphere in your life and good things will happen.”

However, when it comes to decoration, budget comes to our mind first and like I said in my previous blog budget is not at all a constraint if you are creative enough and know how to decorate from the scratch. Here I am with few tips on low budget living room decoration ideas:

Living room ideas on a low budget

Seating area: We all love to have one cozy nook in the living room to relax. But sofa sets demands a lot of space and a lot of money. Instead of investing in a fancy sofa, give your old mattress a chance to serve by arranging to seat in the corner of your living room.

Pair them up with matching cushions and curtains.

Give your cozy corner a personal touch with handcrafted cushion covers. You don’t need to be pro in sticking for this. Simple hemstitching looks great. Just draw an outline of the design with a pencil before stitching draw an outline before stitching. Cushion cover

Living room seating without sofa

Keep a matching carpet and a centre table in the seating area to complete the look. Wicker tables are cheap and trendy. Here is the online shop link to buy low budget carpets:

Wall décor: If you’re not the one who spends a lot buying wall hangings and wants to keep the wall simple but not blank nothing is better than a big size mirror. An antique design mirror will give your living room a great look. Also, as per Feng Shui, make sure your mirror reflects the right image. Like natural light, food, plants these are few good things to be reflected to increase positive chi in the room. Or, you can paste a wall sticker on one side of the wall. Wall stickers are the best way to reflect your persona or belief. Here is the link to some amazing wall stickers you can shop online:

Do you store old handcrafted handkerchief (may be sewn by your grandmom) or fabric painted saree which you will never use and never throw away because of the love and effort behind the work? Well, just frame it and hang it on your living room wall. Give your boring empty wall a creative look.

Wall shelves: The wall shelves are just great to make the room clutter-free. Be it a key holder, remote holder or even your guitar you can just hang it up on the wall. It will give your living room a smart and organized look. Always make sure to keep the things at their place. We often decorate our house so nicely and then after some time it become messy because we don’t care on returning the things where it was after using.

If you want to make your living room interesting and engaging for your guest then you can create a dartboard game corner simply by just hanging a dartboard and adding a spotlight as shown in the below image. Dart board

Light: Natural light is all-time best for the daytime. It saves energy and gives an encouraging look in the room. But for the evening time, layering of lights work best. So, apart from the main tube light a low hanging light or a pendant light beside the seating area or over the dining table will surely enhance the look.

Plants: I think am repeating myself in all my blogs but can’t help it! Live plants are inseparable from a well-decorated room. There are a huge number of plants available in the market that provide positive energy and enrich the freshness of the room. Money plants, Jade plants, Spider plants, Snake plants and many more. These plants don’t even need your much attention and work their best to increase the oxygen flow and positive energy flow.  Planters are probably the best thing to show your creativity. If you love glass painting go ahead with a glass vase or you can do fabric colour paint on your clay planter or the ceramic planter. Don’t leave a scope to show up your creativity 😉

Aroma: Fragrance always plays a vital role, be it in your look or your house’s look. You never forget to wear your fragrance before going out, right? Why not apply this in your room too? I am personally not fond of room fresheners but as I mentioned earlier, diffusers with essentials oils are so very relaxing in calming the mind and creating a fresh aromatic environment. I can guaranty appreciation from the guest or even from your family member if you choose the right essential oil. There are so many variants like orange, lavender, lemongrass, Rosewood, etc. Just pick one or many and apply as per your mood 🙂Essential oil diffuseressential-oil

Hope you find this article useful. Which idea do you find interesting and which one you are going to apply? Leave a comment if you have any questions or let me know if you want to know more about home decoration ideas.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I decorate my living room?

Layering lights creates an interesting look in the living room.

Go green – Use live or artificial plants in the room with decorative planters

Use colourful fabrics in the curtains and cushion covers

Paint the room with neutral colours

2. Living Room wall decor ideas

Hang a big size vintage look mirror to cover a plain wall

Wall stickers are great to revamp the plain walls

Wall hanging games like dart board gives simple boring wall an interesting room

Wall shelves are good to keep things organized and handy

Hanging family photo frames or artistic photo frames are

3. Small living room decorating ideas

Sofa set engages a lot of space. Arrange the seating area on the floor to save space in a small living room.

Wall mounted TV saves spaces and look smart also

4. Living room ideas on budget

DIY plain cushion covers by stitching simple designs on them

Paint a big planter and keep in the corner of your living room

DIY old glass jar with glass paint and put some plants in it

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