How to decorate bedroom

How to decorate bedroom in 5 ways to create warmth

Hello decorators! Now that you have learnt how to utilize positive energy in your home using good Feng Shui let me now guide you on decorating your master bedroom.

Your bedroom is that private place where you take rest, relax and restore energy hoping for a successful and enthusiastic tomorrow. So it is of utmost importance that you get a peaceful sleep every night that makes you ready for the next day with full energy and ecstasy in mind. Many people, especially housewives or aged persons spend most of their time in the bedroom. And for others like children or working personnel night, time and holidays are bedroom time. So while decorating the house, the bedroom needs special attention so that it creates a cosy, relaxed environment that brings harmony into your life. Every furniture, light, colour needs to have a care for in such a way that reflects happiness and functionality. 

Bedroom decoration ideas on low budget & in small space

When it comes to decorating first thing that comes into our mind is budget and space. We often face challenges to decorate a small bedroom and that is too on a low budget. So, let's understand how to decorate bedroom in small budget and in small space.

First of all small space is not an issue for a bedroom. Small bedrooms look cosy when you arrange them neatly and keep them uncluttered. Also, investing one time on the right material is actually a good trick to save money rather than spending a lot on several unwanted kinds of stuff. A bedroom is the heart of your home, so, you would probably like to spend one time on a sturdy bed or a wardrobe that will last long. Rather than buying engineering woods that are low budget but doesn’t last long.

Here are some tips for a budget-friendly small bedroom:

  • 1. Paint: When you enter your bedroom the first thing that will attract your eyes is colour. A warm or soft tone colour like chrome yellow, light orange colour or two colour combination of off-white and orange, light yellow and green are good choices for a small bedroom. For a two-colour combination keep it in mind to use one deep colour and one soothing colour. Deep colours will make the room look visually spacious and the light side will make it look appealing. You may go for high-gloss colours to reflect light in the space. Going for a pattern on one side of the wall will create a focal point in your bedroom and let me tell you this is the finest trick to draw attention to the small size of your bedroom. If you want the attention of the furniture then give your wall a neutral tone colour like beige, cream, ivory, light grey, light wood colour.

Usually we keep our ceiling white however, you male make it light blue which will make the ceiling look higher.

  • 2. Light: Make sure your Bedroom has enough natural light in the daytime so that you can save energy. Also, rather than one single light, you can use different sourcing in different corners like an overhead light, a night lamp, pendant light above the headboard of your bed. Using different lights will create a happy mood and it’s a good practice to layer the lighting of your bedroom.
Storage Bed for small bedroom | Bed with drawers, Bookcase headboard queen, Platform bed with drawers
  • 3. Furniture: The two primary pieces of furniture in the bedroom are the bed and wardrobe. The bed is the main focal point in the bedroom. It creates a visual cosiness in the room. Storage beds are a boon for a small bedroom. However, it is suggested that you keep soft bedding under the bed and no heavy objects should be kept under it to avoid interruption in sleep as per the Feng Shui masters. Also, wooden beds and wardrobes are best for the bedroom because of their longevity and functionality. For small bedrooms, you may skip the side table. Though bedside tables look great and useful you certainly don’t want to compromise the passage because of the side table. Rather headboard storage is sufficient for keeping your mobile ph or bedtime medicine, book or other small kinds of stuff. So investing in one right storage bed can save your space.
  • Similar way, a small bedroom wardrobe must not be that big that make the bedroom clutter. A wardrobe should be placed against a wall and ideally, it should have sliding doors to save spaces. If you have to keep the TV and the dresser in your bedroom then consider a customize wardrobe along with a TV unit. A mirror can be installed on one side of the wardrobe but then certainly that side cannot be sliding. Also, consider covering the mirror while not in use for a perfect feng shui bedroom. You can also read this article on DIY Storage Beds for crafting a budget-friendly storage bed.
closet de Madera - Buscar con Google | Bedroom cupboard designs, Bedroom  closet design, Bedroom cabinets with TV unit for small bedroom
  • 4. Bedding & rug: Always, use complementary colours for bedding matching with your wall colour. The soft and comfortable fabric of the pillow, bed cover, and rug creates a cosy feeling in the bedroom. Simple cotton pillow covers and bedsheets are inexpensive and but they complete the cosy look of your bedroom. Try changing them every week, keep extra pairs. These are worth investment for your happy home, after all, it is the place you take rest and as I repeat the right investment is actually savings in another way rather than investing in the wrong things.
  • 5. Décor items: It is advisable not to clutter a small bedroom with lots of décor items no matter how fancy they are. Remember minimalism is the ultimate sophistication. So an air-purifying plant on the window sill, or a simple family photo frame or just a hanging wall décor are more than enough to create warmth in your bedroom. Consider keeping a diffuser with aroma oil to set the mood and you are done with the most comfortable convenient bedroom ever. Snake plants are best for the bedroom. It enhances the warmth and sleeps quality.
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If you are having old pots and not happy with their faded look it is time for DIY for low budget bedroom ideas.

Fun bedroom ideas for kids

Canvas art wall decor, Graffiti wall art low budget wall sticker
  • I can guarantee that there is no kid on this earth who doesn’t like a cartoon character. So this is a perfect way to paint your toddler’s room with Neutral wall colour and cartoon graffiti. If your concern is budget then simply go for wall stickers which are easily available on Amazon or Flipkart. Another way to cheer up your kids is to give them a special corner. Keep a wall blank for your little ones and let them express themselves over there. Who knows your kid is the next Picasso. You can always repaint the wall I would rather leave the wall as it is to rejoice when am old 🙂
The 8 Best Children's Playhouses and Tents of 2021. Low budget tent bed

Give your kid little adventure with a tent bed and see the joy in his/her face. You can thank me later 😉 Here are some DIY tent bed ideas on low budget.

Foldable Toy Storage Chest Box Cum Stool for small kids room Home & Kitchen

Another fun way to store all the toys in a storage box cum seat. There are various cute toy storage box are available in the market. Just go ahead with the one your champ finds interest.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for couples

A simple yet loveliest way to surprise your spouse on an anniversary is to decorate the bedroom with your personal touch. A combination of Red and White colour is perfect to set the mood. Make sure you keep sync with your bedsheets, pillow cover and curtains. If the bedsheet is white in colour then the curtain colour can be in contradiction of red. Few aromatic candles in the centre or the corner of the bedroom decorated with a few rose petals or orchid are simple effortless ways to decorate the bedroom. These simple tips are guaranteed and evidence of a happy time.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Couples
Valentine Ideas for Room Decorating with Romantic Candles, Romantic bedroom ideas for couples

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