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How to donate hair and why even bother to donate?!

1 and only reason that urged my bestie to donate hair to cancer patients?!

My Best Friend lost her mother to acute leukemia on 25th March 2021. During chemotherapy, she had to shave her head. Last year all of a sudden my friend had a thought to shave her head in memory of her mom. Initially, there was a dilemma of shaving the head because it would affect her social image and her family was also against head-shaving. But an irresistible urge let her decide to donate hair to the cancer patients.
I could feel the pain and emotion behind her decision. We shared this thought with another bosom friend. She gave a noble cause and educated us about donating hair to cancer patients. I then figured out how to do it. When many NGOs refused to accept the hair because of the pandemic situation, we finally found Hair Crown, situated in Theni, Tamilnadu. They make wigs for the cancer patients who lost hair during chemotherapy. We are thankful to #HairCrown for taking the initiative to make cancer patients smile again. 

How to donate Hair

Step 1: First and the foremost step is to set up a mind to shave head. Even many men feel embarrassed to shave their head and feels they will look ugly. Women are even more sensitive with their looks that many don’t want to cut the length. So complete head-shaving needs a lot of guts.

Step 2: Find the right organization:

Step 3: Wash your hair

Step 4: Tie your hair:

Step 5: Measure your hair:

Step 6: Cut and pack it

Step 7: Share awareness:

Till date, long thick hair is the beauty standards around the world, specially for women. I believe, hair can not be the symbol of beauty, many emotions are involved with hair, especially if someone loses it during treatment. I am happy and blessed to have Ritu as my best friend. Not everyone dares to shave the head completely. I saw many hair donation videos where men and women cut their long hair and donated for the patients. But head-shaving is still a rare case. bald head style

PS. Unfortunately, I don’t have volume in my hair so I couldn’t follow her path. So I decided to educate the world about hair donation and it’s process through my blog post.  

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